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It Happened On New Year's Day


With New Year's Day approaching this gives us a chance to think about what happened in the United States on this day.

1781 Congress issues 191 million dollars in paper currency, (Continentals). Later the expression would surface, "Not worth a Continental."

1808 The law prohibiting the African slave trade goes into effect.

1815 The Battle of New Orleans starts. The War of 1812 was over but Andrew Jackson didn't know this.

1818 The American Journal of Science and Arts, ("Silliman's Journal"), is founded at New Haven, Connecticut.

1825 The capital of Indiana is transferred from Corydon to Indianapolis.

1831 The first issue of the 'Liberator', a militant abolitionist newspaper, edited and published by William Lloyd Garrison and Isaac Knapp appears in Boston, Massachusetts.

1863 Abraham Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation. This was a start in freeing American slaves.

1884 Mark Train's, 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' is published.

1902 The first postseason college football classic, The Rose Bowl, is inaugurated at Pasadena, California. Michigan defeats Stanford by a score of 49-0.

1916 The postseason college football classic, The Rose Bowl, initiated in 1902, is resumed after a gap of 14 years. Washington State defeats Brown University 14-0.

1926 Two hundred persons are hurt and several are killed when a grandstand collapses at the Tournament of Roses, at Pasadena California.

1936 Unemployment insurance begins with a one-percent payroll tax.

1942 The Office of Production Management, (OPM), orders a ban on the sale of new cars and trucks.

2002 You make your own predictions.


Note; Source of information from 'The Bicentennial Almanac, edited by Calvin D. Linton.

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