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If you check history books that list events by dates; you will notice that not much happens during the month of December. I guess most people are getting ready for the holidays and not much happens on Christmas day.

One event on Christmas Day December 1776 should never be forgotten by Americans.

On that day General George Washington lead 2400 men across the ice-clogged Delaware River with a surprise attack on a Hessian Garrison at Trenton, New Jersey. This garrison was occupied by 2,000 to 3,000 Hessian (German) troops. This was a difficult task as weather was very bad and horses, cannons, and men had to be transported across the river by small boats. After one hour of battle the Hessian Garrison surrenders with Washington taking about 1,000 prisoners and much needed supplies and equipment. This victory was a major morale booster for the patriot armies that had suffered a number of defeats around New York. Washington lost only six men.

Another unusual event that took place in the U.S. on Christmas Day 1865. It doesn't make much sensed why it was done on this date but Chicago opened Union Stockyards which completely changed the business patterns of the prairies.

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