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Just logged onto your website and found it pretty interesting. It was nice to see my uncle's picture on it. American Legion Post 241, Chester Gwozdz. My uncle comes to Toledo/Rossford, Ohio a lot, as Rossford is his hometown. He visits his brother and many other relatives and friends. He brings many things into donate to charity here. He helps out the veterans and children here too. He really is into helping out the poor and the needy, with the help of the American Legion. It's a lot of work for him. But it keeps him young. You won't find a more active person at 83 years old than my uncle. He is nice looking at 83. I'm pretty proud of him. He sent me this picture and I found your web address on the back. So I signed up to receive your news. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.


Jeannie (Gwozdz) Duris


(Excerpts from a letter written by Mary Keefer, Principal Bishop Luers High School taken from KNIGHTLINES BLHS newsletter.)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In this day and age, I believe that it would be appropriate to share Bishop Luers' Crisis Plan with you. You should know that all of the doors leading into the school are locked daily at 8:15am. The only door that remains unlocked is the front door off of Paulding Road. Every individual who enters our school (parent and volunteers included) is requested to sign in on a sheet in the front office. These same visitors are asked to sign out when they leave.


* BLHS is required to conduct one fire drill a month.

* Students and staff participate in one tornado drill per semester.

* There is a telephone in each classroom with a folder that describes emergency procedures such as power failures, weather situations, threatening phone calls, strangers in the building, and violent or severely disruptive students.

* BLHS is a member of the Allen County School Safety Commission and each law enforcement agency has a map of our school.

* Each of our doors is numbered so emergency vehicles can easily find the place it would need to be.

BLHS Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Intervention Plan needs to be reviewed annually. Your sons and daughter's safety is a priority for each of us.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Mary Keefer


To the Waynedale Community,

On November 4, 2001, we had our annual All You Can Eat Fish, Tenderloin, and Chicken Dinner. This dinner was held at our Station #1, 7001 Old Trail Road, Waynedale.

First, we would like to thank everyone who announced our event on your community calendar or your list of upcoming events. We had a great turn out and it was directly related to your help.

Second, we would like to let you know and the public that we were able to raise $600 from the dinner.
Aboite Township Fire Department donated $600 of their profits from their Chicken BBQ that they held in October.

All together we were able to raise $1,200 to go to the widows and children of fallen firefighters in New York City.

We want to THANK everyone for the support in allowing us to raise this much money.

Thank You,

Patrick Lee,

Captain/Treasurer-Southwest Firefighters Association

The Waynedale News Staff
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