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Oooooooohhh I just have to tell you something, I've had the grandest time this month and last. I've gotten to see all my grandchildren but one new one that hasn't been born very long and it is out of state and a long ways off. We all got together and had turkey and ham for an early Thanksgiving and one night we all went out to eat together. I'm in so much of a much better mood than I have been in a long time. Wayne has discovered Viagra. I do wish he would get some sleep and take better care of himself though. It takes him all night to do what he used to do all night. Well it takes him longer to do what he used to do longer anyway. Not that I'm complaining, I just think he needs some vitamins or something.

Our whole family went to the Red Lobster restaurant out on Coldwater Road a few nights ago. It was simply the bestest place I've eaten in for a long while. We started out by getting a reservation and right up front they told us they were going to charge us 15% more because of our group and all. The nerve of them doing that.

Don't they trust us to take care of the waitress? We always leave a generous tip IF they give us good service but to go right ahead and charge us . . . WELL I'll tell you what; if we hadn't just fallen in love with that pretty waitress Angela and enjoyed her smiles and laughter and the great service that she gave us then I'm telling you right now, I would have had a go-around with that manager.

She brought us ice water with a lemon wedge in it. I thought that was so nice of her. Then she took our order and one of the boys ordered appetizers called coconut shrimp. I dipped my shrimp in the fancy coconut sauce and took a bite. I'm telling you it was love at first slurp. I adore their coconut shrimp. With that sauce you could have dipped French fried chitlin's, carp nuggets, or mountain oysters in it and they would have been good and I'm not a fan of French fried chitlin's or carp. And I have no idea what mountain oysters taste like either.

And the biscuits, what can I say about the biscuits? I have never eaten biscuits so good in my life. I'm sorry Momma, in case you can hear me from way up there, bless your soul, but they were gooder than yours and I say that with all respect for the hard work you put in baking the best biscuits at the Kernshaw County fair back home. These had cheddar cheese in them and some kind of secret spice or something that gave a little 'bite' to them.

I ate six and Angela brought more and I couldn't resist taking some home with me for later. She said it was ok so I didn't feel like I was 'stealing' them. Well for what they charged us for the whole meal they 'should' have thrown in some free biscuits. But it was worth it just to have the family together safe and sound and not have to work in a hot old kitchen although our one daughter-in-law did cook the Thanksgiving dinner for us the other day.

That's two meals I got out of having to prepare. Thank you sweetie; everything was so delicious and I so liked the way you decorated your new house and all. Now I know you haven't been married very long but I would so like to hear the patter of little feet around your house and I don't mean Wayne's stocking feet running back and forth to the refrigerator for beer while he's watching football with your husband, my son, bless their little hearts. And I don't mean to be a nagging mother-in-law but . . . well you know what I mean, hint, hint.

Bobby Stark says I'm running out of space to write so I'll have to say I give Red Lobster a big old set of 99 forks for their splendid meal. Oh by the way I had the Admiral's Feast platter whatever. It had tender sweet juicy fried clam strips, succulent fried scallops, nice fried shrimp, and some very delicious fried fish. I brought a lot of the meal home with me, having filled myself up on all those biscuits and coconut shrimp whatevers. They're hors d'oeuvres but Wayne calls them horse ovaries. I could just sock him when he says something like that at the dinner table. Oooh but that sauce was delicious.

Angela honey, you are a top waitress and I hope Wayne left you a nice separate tip from the one on the bill. You deserved it after helping me clean up the grandkids and Wayne. You know, you were right; the lemon wedge did get the mustard stain out of his shirt but I'm not sure it will get the catsup stains out of his under shorts. Till next time, Taa Taaa.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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