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Dear Mr. McCune:


With Veterans' Day approaching soon, I want to thank THE WAYNEDALE NEWS for this opportunity to honor and to thank all of our Veterans, every veteran from the very first conflict when the First Shot was fired in our Nation's struggle for independence and every conflict and war thereafter in the defense of freedom and to maintain world peace. Those who are with us now and those who are gone. And the real heroes who never came home. Barbara and I pray for all of the families who have lost loved ones in service to our nation. We know that you are proud of them; so are we. God bless the American Veteran.

Yours in freedom,

Pete Ello

(You're welcome Pete and thanks. Editor)

(Exerts from a commentary piece about Halloween and heroes written by,

Susan Bayh, wife of Senator Evan Bayh)

Like many mothers, I took my six year old twins Halloween costume shopping. What we found at the store both pleased and surprised me. Alongside superheroes and Power Rangers, we found costumes for firemen, policemen, and soldiers. Last year these costumes might have been passed over. This year they were in high demand. We had to visit three stores before finding my sons' Army Ranger Costumes. Maybe next year, stores will offer costumes for Postal workers, Senate staffers, and health care professionals.

My sons' selection reminded me of how much has changed in the last two months. When I was a young girl in the early 60s we were teachers, nurses, firemen, and policemen on Halloween. Our costumes reflected our future aspirations. Perhaps our children's selections this year represent a turning point for their futures, away from professional wrestlers and Barbie dolls to careers that serve the public. This Halloween, we all are praying for an end to these turbulent times, but I cannot help hoping that we will retain this shift in our values.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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