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It’s not how long you talk;

It’s what you say that counts!


Better Quit

My friend, Ed, whom I haven’t seen for two or three years, dropped in for a visit and after the usual greetings, I said, “Ed, you look great. How old are you now?

“I’m eighty-four.”

“Eighty-four?” I asked, somewhat amazed at how young he looked.

Then, noticing me glance at the cigarette between his fingers, he held up his hand, flicked the ash off the butt, took a big drag, and said with a smirk, “Yeah, I guess I better quit, cause I sure as hell don’t wanna die young.”


The Idiots

Every village used to have one…now they’re all in Congress!


The problem with retirement is…you can never take a day off.

--Jerry Henry Sr.

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