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No one likes criticism…

even if it’s the truth!


It’s Bad

Is the stench in the White House so bad that even Rahm had to get the hell out of there?


Looking Stupid

Whenever I see a driver doing something stupid, if I have an opportunity to pass him, I always glance over to see what stupid looks like, and usually I’m not disappointed.


Do alligators call their Santa

…Santa Jaws?


I was sitting at the breakfast table and when my wife walked over, I intentionally looked into my empty coffee cup for a second or two.

Somewhat aggravated she said, “If you wanted some more coffee, why didn’t you let me know?”


“Well,” I replied, “I thought if I snapped my fingers or whistled; you’d get mad!”


If looks could kill, I’d be dead! Women…they have no sense of humor.

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