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You don’t have to be a turkey to gobble.

The Feast
On Thanksgiving Day
We count our blessings,
Then stuff our faces,
With turkey and dressings.

Pass me please,
The candied yams,
The ruby red cranberries,
And honey baked ham.

Next, the mashed potatoes,
They’ll fill my plate,
Quick pass the gravy,
I can hardly wait.

I ate too much,
Oh my, oh my,
I’m about to burst, but,
Please pass the pie.

I know a guy who is so full of it, that if bull crap was music, he’d be a brass band.

Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, is called Black Friday. Not because it’s a miserable day, or has anything to do with bad luck or the occult. It is actually a very good day. On this frenzied day, shoppers spend so much money, that it finally puts the retailers in the black, which means they are now profitable. And believe me; once they go black…they never want to go back.

Jim Schindler
Author: Jim Schindler
About This Author
A graduate of John Carroll University and a successful businessman, the founder/CEO of Bandido's Mexican restaurants. Jim writes the "Schindler Sez" column in the newspaper. He also authors a series of books of short, true, and humorous stories. Read More...

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