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The difference between a hotel and a motel is...a hotel can charge more.

The Guilt Trip
Every December, my old friend, Mark, who happens to be Jewish, gives me a day planner, which I use to keep track of my daily appointments. Late this past December, when he still hadn't given me one, I sent him the following email.

My second best friend in the entire world forgot me this year. I'm wounded! Even though I'm among the uncircumcised, each year you send me a day planner for Hanukkah. This year the only thing I got was the Bronx cheer. Woe is me. Maybe you didn't know my brother-in-law was Jewish. Salaam.
Your forgotten friend,
Jim Schindler
Mark answered my email with a quick, "I've got one for you."
'Damn,' I thought, 'laying the old Jewish mother's guilt trip on him really worked.'

Wise Words
He who throws dirt...loses ground.
Chinese Proverb

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