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Never let your emotions override your judgment... A hot head doesn't do any
cool thinking!

"When I tell my husband a joke he never laughs," Holly was telling me, somewhat peeved. "But when he tells someone else the same joke, he laughs like crazy," she went on, grimacing and slamming her fist into her hand.
"Holly, if it would make you feel better, I'm laughing and you don't even have to bother telling me the joke!"

If you want to avoid criticism:
Say nothing,
Do nothing,
Be nothing.
~Robert Gates
Secretary of Defense

She Doesn't Agree
I was explaining something to Irene, my eighty-nine-year old mother-in-law, and when I finished she said, "You're right. You're always right."
"I don't agree with that Irene, and your daughter won't agree with it either.
"She's not always right."
"Well, I agree with that...but she won't."

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