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Old age isn't for wimps. Just ask me!

Mother's Fault
Since Mother Nature made everything taste so good and since we have to eat to live, I hate to say it, "But it's her fault I have a fat head!"

There is an old Texan saying, which goes, "Don't mess with Texas." Ha! They're not that tough. It only took some Cardinals and a couple of Louisville Sluggers, to whip their butts and I'm series-us.

No More Junk
According to the Washington Post, the U.S. Postal Service has lost over 8 billion dollars in the fiscal year, ending in September 2011, and will probably go broke. What if we let them go down the tubes. Just think of all the money it would save the taxpayers. Besides, if you're like me, all I get is junk mail and bills; both of which I could do without. And you can put your stamp on that!

Jim Schindler
Author: Jim Schindler
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A graduate of John Carroll University and a successful businessman, the founder/CEO of Bandido's Mexican restaurants. Jim writes the "Schindler Sez" column in the newspaper. He also authors a series of books of short, true, and humorous stories. Read More...

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