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Once, I thought I was goofy,
but I knew better than that.

Together Again
If Napoleon could gather all his bones together ...would he still be Bonaparte?

The Real Problem
Do you know what the real problem is with our dysfunctional congress? Forty-five percent of them are lawyers!

The Crazy Good-bye
After I was told the following story by Sim Hain, I asked him if it was true. "Who cares?" he replied, "It's a good story!" So here goes.

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, the great musician and trumpet player, once had an audience with the pope and when they were done and Satchmo was about to leave, the pope made the sign of the cross with his right hand, blessing him.

After that visit, one of his friends asked him what impressed him the most about the pope.

"Well," Satchmo answered, "he had on this tall, pointed hat, a big fancy robe, this huge ring, and red shoes. But what I dug the most was his crazy good-bye!"

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