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Enjoy outdoors activities like gardening, camping, hiking and more? This section is for you! These articles contain the latest local outdoors news and entertainment from around the Waynedale (Fort Wayne), Indiana area.

If you were fortunate enough to receive a blooming holiday plant this year, you may be wondering just how to best care for it and how to keep it going on for next year. Poinsettias, Christmas cactus, amaryllis and Norfolk Island pine are among the most popular holiday plants during the month of December. Simply said, watering, fertilizing, sunshine, temperature control and cutting back techniques are not all the same for every plant.

While sunshine is an important factor in growing most...

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Add a little holiday sparkle to your landscape for you and your guests to enjoy. No matter the weather outside, a few decorative touches can greatly increase the beauty and enjoyment of your winter landscape.

Try one, two or all eight of these tips to improve your landscape's winter appeal.

Add some solar powered accents. Light a pathway, your favorite tree or front porch without installing additional outlets. Look for unique colors and shapes like the solar star lantern or the changing...

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There is a secret selfish longing we all share this time of year. It is traditional to give gifts at Christmas, of course, but there's always the chance that those who adore us for our sterling qualities won't give us what we really want or unquestioningly deserve. Therefore ... we are allowed to have Christmas present dreams.

Just take Doc. He knows he'll be getting neckties from the grandkids and socks and underwear from Mrs. Doc. His daughters? Well, they're the wild cards. They work hard...

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During the late fall and early winter I get lots of calls about re-potting house plants that are not doing so well. The problem however is only going to get drastically worse if you do indeed re-pot your plant. Re-potting plants at the beginning of winter is a horrible idea for so many reasons. Re-potting causes shock! So what happens when you re-pot a plant is that its root system (which is probably already having issues causing leaves to fall off) now has to catch up to the bigger pot by...

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Sponsored by Little River Wetlands Project. Free. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 260-478-2515 for information or to reserve a spot.

Every Tuesday in December
9 to 11 a.m.
Little River Ramblers
Meet at the Eagle Marsh barn, 6801 Engle Road, Fort Wayne to hike and explore the preserve's interesting plants and wildlife.

Thursday, December 12
8:30 to 9:45 a.m.
Let's Go Bats!
Light breakfast and nature...

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My first wife came from a ranching family way back up in the hills and had a cousin, Ted, who was a hounddog man.

I talked my way into hunting with him, of course.
All went well until we were on the way home, when a badger ran across the road and dove into a large culvert pipe.

"Oh wow!" Ted yelled. "Let's get him!"

He released most of the hounds and they plugged the culvert pipe with bawling insults. In the dead center of the pipe was a snarling badger.

"Gotta smoke him outta there," Ted...

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