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 Doug Hackbarth - Broadview Florist & Greenhouses

If your peony plants did a poor job of blooming this year, it may be time to dig them up and divide them. Start by cutting off the foliage near ground level then dig them carefully out of the ground. Shake them to remove the loose soil and wash them so that the roots are better exposed for separation. Using a knife to divide the roots, make sure there are three to five eyes (buds) attached to three or four thick roots. Re-plant the roots in the ground but be careful not to plant them deeper...

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(You can use tame meat but it won’t taste the same.)

1/2 lb. venison (moose, elk, deer, buffalo, reindeer) burger

1/2 lb. hot pork sausage

1 medium onion chopped

1 large (12 oz.) bag of wide noodles

1 (30 oz.) family size can of tomato soup

1 (10 oz.) can Cream of Chicken Soup

Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste

Shredded cheddar (or your favorite) cheese

Brown the deer burger and the sausage together. Drain off excess grease. Mix the soups together...

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Indiana state park/reservoir annual entrance permits for 2011 are now available for online purchase. Individuals may order an annual entrance permit, which costs $36 for state residents, by going to InnsGifts.com. The Golden Hoosier Permit is available to those over age 65 for $18 at the same website. Each permit allows entrance into any state park or reservoir for one vehicle with Indiana license plates throughout 2011. Starting November 15, annual...

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(Material  from THE COURIER – the official newsletter of the AWAC)


It’s that time of year again. Time to invite boys and girls to join the fun of Scouting? Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah at any time for support at your Round-Up/Recruitment event. Contact her at 260-432-9593 for help or more invormation.


Conclave 2011 – great news! Kiskakon Lodge is host of 2011 Section C6B Conclave. We will be at CCLT (Camp Chief Little Turtle) May 20–21 –...

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(Someone told me they hate cooking in a cast iron skillet because the food sticks.)

My reply to this was and always will be:

“Never, never, never wash cast iron in soapy water.”

Food in my cast iron skillets, Dutch ovens, and bean pots don’t stick because they are seasoned and stay that way due to some small effort on my part.

Cook whatever you want in a cast iron pot or skillet (spaghetti sauce, chili, eggs, cornbread, etc.)...

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 Doug Hackbarth - Broadview Florist & Greenhouses

Now that the cold weather has set in and your flowers and vegetables have been “nipped” by the freezing temperatures, it is time to do the year-end clean up. Out in the garden, I like to get out my hedge clippers and start chopping away at the foliage of the tomatoes and peppers, cutting them up into small pieces so that they will break down all winter long, adding nutrients and “body” to my garden soil. Collect all of the flowers from around your yard, window boxes, as well as your hanging...

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