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This is something that was once a part of every Boy Scout’s gear and as important as any other item he was expected to have with him when hiking or camping. Some call it a stave, some a walking staff, some call it a cane, and the official name for it back in the first Boy Scout Handbook, is the staff. They have almost gone out of use.

The ones they sell in the Current BSA catalog are made of hickory and are about 45 to 48-inches long and the prices run...

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I would have to say that the most sought after fish is the common bluegill found in almost every body of water throughout the state of Indiana and other states for that matter. My dad said that the bluegill is a gift from God to kids and old men. It’s an easy fish to catch, clean, and eat. I would have to say that the bluegill is the perfect fish in my book. (I’ll include the sunfish, punkin seeds, chubs, goggle eye, warmouth, and other ‘pan’ fish in this category). A man can feed his family...

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by John Wayne


A great American, John Wayne, passed away many years ago. One of his last public appearances was at a dinner to benefit a land purchase for a Scout Reservation called John Wayne Outpost Camp. He was riddled with cancer and knew he was close to death.

Wayne recited the Scout Law; then he said, “The twelve points of the Scout Law are ‘nice words’. Trouble is, we learn them so young we sometimes don’t get all the understanding that goes with...

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(A column, whereas, you the reader may ask Ben questions about camping, cooking, hunting, fishing, or anything concerning living in our Great Outdoors.)



(Information gleaned from a DNR press release.)


It is not uncommon for coyotes to be seen occasionally in urban and suburban areas of Indiana at this time of year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are more of them (this includes Waynedale). This is their mating season and the normally nocturnal...

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I’ve been asked what kind of tent I prefer and I always tell people that it depends on what season that I will be camping in, and do I have to carry the tent with me on my back or will I be tailgate camping?

Of course the weather has the most to do with the type of tent I want for that outing. For warm weather I like a tent that opens up and has lots of ventilation. For cold weather I like an open tent so that I can build a fire in front of it and reflect the heat back into it...

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Wild Stew For 25 Hunters or maybe 6 or 8 Hungry Boy Scouts


6 lbs. deer, moose, elk, buffalo, antelope, or beef cut in stew meat size pieces

4 lbs. onions (peeled and sliced)

3 cloves garlic (diced or use equivalent of garlic powder, not garlic salt)

12 bell peppers (sliced)

10 (6 oz.) cans tomato puree/paste

10 cans of water

2/3 bottle of hot sauce (optional)

2 tbsp. brown sugar

2/3 bottle of Worcestershire (pronounced Wooster Shire) sauce

3 tbsp. parsley flakes

1 tbsp...

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