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Enjoy outdoors activities like gardening, camping, hiking and more? This section is for you! These articles contain the latest local outdoors news and entertainment from around the Waynedale (Fort Wayne), Indiana area.

Homer Hoak of Waynedale Plumbing called me and explained that he had a tree growing in his showroom at 3025 Lower Huntington Road. "That's not too unusual," I replied, "many businesses decorate their offices and showrooms with different types of plants."

"No," he replied, "We didn't put it there; it grew up out of the floor on its own."

I went over to their shop on Wednesday, August 20th to have a look. Homer was busy helping a customer with a well switch and another customer was waiting to...

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Waynedale Green Alliance Interviews the Leftover QueenJenn


DiPiazza is the Leftover Queen. In keeping with her ´waste not, want not´ food philosophy she founded The Leftover Queen blog, and presents recipes, techniques and just plain fun ways to make great food.


I wanted to find out all kinds of interesting information from her because in these tough economic times we need those who can show us how to brighten our lives with simple ingredients. Jenn Piazza does that. And she does it...

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Barb Gibson takes her “Garden Walk” around Winterset subdivision in Waynedale.

The Winterset neighborhood recently held its first Garden Walk. The event was attended by many neighbors & friends.

More than 20 participants opened their yards for display and served cool drinks and snacks on a warm sunny afternoon.

Organizers of the event included Barb Gibson and Bobbie Brubaker. All the participants found the walk a great way to meet and/or keep in touch with the community.

Little River Wetlands Project, a local nature organization protecting over 1000 acres of wetlands southwest of Fort Wayne, offers wonderful day and evening events this summer and fall.  All are free and open to the community.


Exciting Evening Nature Programs:

-Wednesday, August 20, 7- 8:30pm – "Sedges have Edges, Rushes are Round...." Join Tim Skiver, LRWP board member and Earth Source, Inc. Wetland Specialist, on a night hike at Eagle Marsh. We'll learn how to identify sedges...

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Located on Calhoun, Wayne streets to create appeal for pedestrians, cyclists


Mayor Tom Henry officially unveiled some of downtown's newest features with the recent installation of additional seating and bike racks on Calhoun and Wayne streets.
Six Bubble Chairs, by the noted designer Philippe Starck, and a bicycle rack that looks like spring are in front of the Fort Wayne-Allen County Convention and Visitors Bureau. A bike rack in the shape of a bicycle is on Wayne Street just east of...

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As spring temperatures rise, natural lakes across northern Indiana begin to divide themselves into three distinct thermal layers. How deep each layer becomes and how much oxygen each layer holds will ultimately affect fish and fishing throughout the summer. Anglers who understand this concept, called lake stratification, can increase their fishing success. "The density of water varies based on its temperature," said Jed Pearson, DNR Division of...

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