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Enjoy outdoors activities like gardening, camping, hiking and more? This section is for you! These articles contain the latest local outdoors news and entertainment from around the Waynedale (Fort Wayne), Indiana area.


The Fort Wayne Community Fishing Club will hold a fall fishing derby Saturday, September 27, 2003 from 8am to 11pm at the Reservoir Pond at Creighton Street and South Clinton Street. There is no cost but donations will be accepted. For more information contact Tony Truelove at 456-1616.

The site of the derby is unique; the Reservoir Pond is located at Creighton and South Clinton Streets. The pond has a natural bottom; in its present...

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We just received this information from Marcus Marquardt and I think it's about time we started doing something like this and bring some Indian pride into our historical area. I hope everyone gives this their wholehearted support and that it continues for many years to come.



Where: SouthWest Conservation Club, 5703 Bluffton Road, Waynedale, IN
When: October 11 & 12, 2003
Who: All Buckskinners, Trappers, Traders, Indians, and Craftsman are invited

This Rendezvous is being held on...

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If you know of any ANTI-HUNTING groups or persons that are infiltrating our Waynedale schools to distribute anti-hunting literature, contact The Waynedale News immediately. Especially be on the lookout for anyone connected with P.E.T.A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I jokingly tell people that P.E.T.A. stands for: "People Eating Tasty Animals." Ok animal lovers, do-gooders, and anti-hunters send your comments and hate mail to: Ray McCune, c/o The Waynedale News, 2700 Lower...

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Petco, the animal supply retailer, and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) are working together to infiltrate 500 elementary schools across the country with the group's anti-hunting message. Petco is funding HSUS's Adopt a Teacher program to introduce the animal-rights movement to the impressionable minds of school kids. The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance is calling for an end to the relationship and encourages sportsmen to contact Petco...

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Mark your calendar and plan time off for upcoming Indiana hunting and trapping seasons.
Hunting season dates:

Squirrel North of US 40: Aug. 15, 2003 - Dec. 31, 2003 South of US 40: Aug. 15, 2003 - Jan. 31, 2004‑

Ruffed Grouse Oct. 1, 2003 - Dec. 31, 2003

Deer Early Archery: Oct. 1, 2003 - Nov. 30, 2003

Firearms: Nov. 15, 2003 - Nov. 30, 2003

Muzzleloader: Dec. 6, 2003 - Dec. 21, 2003

Late Archery: Dec. 6, 2003 - Jan. 4, 2004

Pheasant Nov. 7, 2003 - Dec. 21...

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A new tree pest, known as the emerald ash borer, is generating concern among natural resource professionals, entomologists and forest service officials because of the insect's destructive impact on white and green ash trees. Most wood boring insects only target weakened trees, but observations indicate that this insect targets healthy trees as well. This is an alarming find because it suggests that rather than just killing stressed trees in landscapes, the...

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