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DOAG AND SANDY BROADVIEW FLORISTEverybody knows that when flowers are purchased for Valentine's Day, having them delivered to work makes the best impact or perhaps the surprise of them being on the table at your favorite restaurant would make a big impression. This year Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday, which makes a great year for either place.
Roses have always been the #1 selling item for Valentine's Day and there is no reason to change that great tradition. If, per chance, you would like to see something a bit more colorful and maybe even larger in size, try a mixed arrangement with a few roses incorporated into the mix. The interesting addition of a balloon or a stuffed animal or even a box of candy would certainly make you popular.

Do not let Valentine's Day sneak up and pass you by just because you didn't act now. It is up for you to think ahead, make a plan and get your flowers ordered and reservations made early so that later, you do not have to make up excuses or buy make-up flowers. Restaurant reservations need to be made extremely early, like now...while it would be nice if you ordered your flowers, roses, candy, etc from your local florist early, you do still have a bit more time. Most floral shops can handle last-minute orders but why wait...call today.

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