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Angel's TrumpetsBrugmansia, also known as Angel's Trumpets are sometimes confused with their "close cousin" Datura. Brugmansia has trumpet flowers that are smooth and hang down but Datura's flowers are erect and have spines. The flowers come in many colors of white, yellow, pink, orange, green or red and have a very pleasing fragrance, which is most noticeable in the evening. Hummingbirds are especially drawn to the red variety but the red ones do not have the great odor present in all of the other colors.

All parts of the Angel's Trumpet plant are highly toxic, especially the leaves and seeds. Be warned that pets and children should not be around these plants, especially if they are prone to putting things into their mouths. I have one at home on the patio and am not worried about it as it doesn't hurt to rub up against it. It isn't like poison ivy. But ingestion can prove to be very dangerous so simply do not eat this plant. I wish I had some of the other colors and maybe next year I will. Many plants that we all like are poisonous but we never give them a thought. Plants such as Oleander (a favorite from Florida), rhubarb (who doesn't like the pie!), dieffenbachia (a wonderful house plant), and many, many more.

These plants like warm weather (not extreme heat) with cool nights, in fact Brugmansia will stop blooming during a very hot spell with temperatures in the 90s but they will easily re-bloom when the nights cool down again. Fertilizers and moist conditions are preferred with a location of full sun to part shade. Cut off spent flowers and do not try to create seeds as most plants allowed to seed stop blooming.

Doug Hackbarth
Author: Doug Hackbarth
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