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A nice day for fishing

Kids were having lots of fun fishing at the Southwest Conservation Club on Memorial Day. Waynedale Daze's 2nd Annual Catch and Release event included kids, ages 12 and under.

A cane pole, line, bobber and sinker were handed to the kids from The Waynedale News. After putting their poles together, worms and beemoths, donated by The Bait & Hook Store, were distributed by members of the Club. The Southwest Conservation Club provided the rest—-4 beautiful ponds to fish in and plenty of fish.

Over 100 kids participated in the event,

and that's not counting all the parents, grandparents and friends who showed up to help. "I think that we doubled last year's attendance," said Stacy Pease, event organizer. "Now let's hope that all these kids keep fishing. It's a great sport."

Winning the Grand Prize for the largest fish caught was 12 year-old, Tim Charles. Stacy Pease, Pond Chairperson from Southwest Conservation Club, awarded Tim with a Zebco Rod & Reel.


School's out - Go fishing!

Schools out and fishing is in. Kids under the age of 17 do not need a license at any time to go fishing. Hoosier anglers seeking simple summer fishing for out-of-school kids might want to heed this fishing advice.


Quick Success:

Kids love to catch fish, any size fish. So your best bet for kid fishing success is to look for bluegill or their panfish cousins, they are usually plentiful and scrappy.

The basic hook, worm and bobber rig is still the best way to catch these fish. But if you don't want to mess with live bait artificial panfish lures are a great alternative and often are pre-rigged with a hook for an easier tie-on.

Panfish have small mouths, so use a size 10 or smaller hook, and the bait should just barely cover the hook.


Summer 2005 Hot Spots for Fishing from Jim McArdle-Bait and Hook Store, Winchester Road
These rambling Waynedale fishermen have been surveying a bunch of public lakes around the area, and here are their "choice" summer fish picks:

•Big Long Lake

•Shipshewana Lake in LaGrange County

•Big Turkey near Kendalville


If you are looking for a natural lake that is producing good numbers of 8-to 10-inch bluegill and red-ear, try Big Long Lake in LaGrange County. However, the 365-acre lake is loaded with 9 to 11-inch sub-legal bass. Expect to handle a fair number of these small bass while trying your luck for panfish.

Anglers fishing Shipshewana Lake are seeing some good catches of 8-inch bluegill and 10-inch crappie. "The water in this shallow 200-acre lake warms up early and is often one of the early season hot spots," says McArdle.

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