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 Nick Matthews from Roanoke used a 50-Caliber Pennsylvania Long Rifle Muzzleloader to down his 8-point buck in the Hamilton Road area.  He told The Waynedale News that he just returned from hunting in Saskatchewan and is going to be heading to Black River Falls, Wisconsin  next. YES, I did call in sick before the last issue of THE WAYNEDALE NEWS and NO, I did not get to go deer hunting in Indiana this year. In fact I also missed going on our annual deer hunting trip in West Virginia with my brothers. I usually hunt the first week of deer season here and the second week in West Virginia at my brother's hunting cabin. I had to be content with watching squirrels from my bedroom window. Wheeeeeee!

It seems that around the middle of October I hit the pinky toe on my right foot and broke it causing me great pain and suffering and having to walk funny. Somewhere in this discourse I got a pinched nerve root in my right hip. This caused me to take to my bed and lay on my back for three weeks.

After my doctor's exam, a full set of X-rays, and an MRI they found the culprit, the pinched nerve root. I'm scheduled for a cortisone shot and then physical therapy three times a week for who knows how long. After that maybe I'll be up and around without my daily dose of pain and medication.

I want to thank Cindy and Bob for working overtime to take up the slack. The last issue looked great. I want to thank my good neighbor Kate O'Brien for loaning me a cane and one of those thing-a-ma-jigs that you put on a toilet so you don't have to sit all the way down. It also makes it a lot easier to get back up. I want to thank the McArtle family next door for loaning me a walker (when they first offered the walker, I got excited – I thought it was going to be a bottle of Johnny Walker). However it helped me maneuver from my bedroom to the toilet and back without falling. The cane just wouldn't have worked for that. (I've been studying the walker's construction and I think I've figured out how I can convert it into a deer hunting tree stand.) Oh, and a great big thank you to another neighbor Ethyl Bloch for bringing me the delicious homemade Cranberry Coffeecake. It sure perked up the bland diet I'd been on.

I want to thank Doctor Robert Schloss, Diana, and Serina at Anthony Medical Center, Doctor Eric Schreier, Rena, Kari, Toresa, and Katie at Fort Wayne Neurological Center, and of course Linda at the Radiology Center at Anthony Medical Center – I didn't have any secrets after she got through with me - she was able to see right through me. Anyway thanks everybody. By the way, Doctor Schreier is a bow hunter, he has a boy in Scouting, AND the good doctor is the Popcorn Kernel Volunteer for his boy's group. Alllll right! Serina from Doctor Schloss' office has a boy in scouting and is very active herself with his troop. Way to go. Scouting affects everyone in one way or another doesn't it?



Why do we have to pay the State of Indiana $25 for a permit to carry a handgun? That 'right' is already guaranteed to us 'free' by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America? Well it isn't exactly 'free' a lot of lives were lost paying for that right.



Autographed copies of my new 363-page book, HOW TO EAT A WILD GREEN PANCAKE And Other Humorous Tales, are available for purchase at THE WAYNEDALE NEWS office, 2700 Lower Huntington Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46809. The price is $19.50 each. They make great Christmas gifts - Give your loved ones the gift of laughter. (And, "NO, it's not a cookbook).

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