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Petco, the animal supply retailer, and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) are working together to infiltrate 500 elementary schools across the country with the group's anti-hunting message. Petco is funding HSUS's Adopt a Teacher program to introduce the animal-rights movement to the impressionable minds of school kids. The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance is calling for an end to the relationship and encourages sportsmen to contact Petco President and CEO Brian Devine at 858-453-7845 to tell him its support of HSUS is unacceptable. (From U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance). (Page 16 - AMERICAN HUNTER magazine – June 2003)

NOTE: If you know of any ANTI-HUNTING group or persons that are infiltrating our Waynedale schools to distribute anti-hunting literature, contact The Waynedale News immediately.



It's 5:00am Saturday morning and you're headed out to your favorite fishin' hole, or if it's huntin' season, to your favorite huntin' spot. Don't listen to the same old B & T junk on the radio on the way out; listen to NewWork Indiana's INDIANA OUTDOORS, hosted by Bryan Poynter, on WRIN-AM 1560 or WHWD-AM 1380, right here in Waynedale, Indiana. He's on from 5am to 6am. Of course he isn't really in Waynedale; he's in Indianapolis but tune him in anyway; you might learn something.

Bryan interviews outdoor celebrities from around the state and sometimes gives the audience a chance to call in and ask questions. I was the guest celebrity on his show about a year ago and we talked about Dutch oven cooking, the care and feeding of your cast iron cookware, and I gave the audience a few easy recipes for beginning Dutch oven chefs. I've been asked to do another show with him but a date hasn't been set yet. Don't worry, the time and date will be published in an upcoming WWW column in The Waynedale News in plenty of time for you to tune in and listen to what we have to say.

Among the things he discusses on his Saturday morning radio program are: Fishing and Hunting, DNR Updates, Things to see in Indiana, Live Reports, Listener Call Ins, Expert Guests, Where To Go in Indiana, and of course, the Weather. Other stations that carry Bryan's programs are: Columbus – WCSI AM 1010, North Vernon – WNVI AM 1460, Elkhart WTRC AM 1340, Kokomo – WIOU AM 1350, Berne WZBD FM 92.7, Richmond – WKBV AM 1490, Spencer WSKT FM 92.7, Bloomington – WGCT FM 105.1, Vincennes – WAOV AM 1450, Bedford – WBIW AM 1340, Delphi/Monticello – WNJY FM 102.9, Marion – WGOM AM 860, and LaPorte – WCOE FM 96.7 in case you're out of range of the Waynedale stations.



I ran across some outdoor Groups and Association addresses that might be of some interest to you Waynedale Sportsmen.



8559 E. 350 N., Montpelier, IN 47359
Web Site www.inhea.com
Contact: Dirk Studebaker (317)583-2817



402 W. Washington Street
W255-D, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Contact: SGT Dean Shadley

(If you witness a fish or wildlife crime or violation or a pollution violation call: 1-800-TIP-IDNR)



P.O. Box 24299, Indianapolis, IN 46224
Contact: John Crone (317)241-1435



NMLRA Membership Dept.
P.O. Box 67, Friendship, IN 47021
Web Site www.nmlra.org
Contact: (812)667-5131



Indiana's Online Outdoor Recreation Guide



THE RIGHT-TO-HUNT – As preemption against future attacks by anti-hunting factions, a state constitutional amendment was overwhelmingly approved that guarantees Wisconsin residents their right to hunt, fish, and trap, subject only to 'reasonable' regulations. (From Congressional Sportsmen's foundation) (Page 16 – AMERICAN HUNTER magazine – June 2003) Are you listening Senator Long??? How about you Mark Souder??? Dick Luger???


Taking your family on a camping trip can be a fraction of the cost of a major theme park vacation, not to mention a lot of fun. For first time campers and for those who haven't looked at family tents in 20 years, new comforts have been added to maximize your enjoyment. Today's tents include features like multiple rooms and entrances, headroom for comfortable standing, and poles that are pre-connected with cords for quick assembly.

Canvas and nylon family tents are out; the fabric used in most family tents is polyester. Thus, today's tents are up to 20 to 25 percent lighter. Polyester also is more resistant to ultraviolet light than nylon. In general, there are two primary types of family tents: domes and cabins. Dome tents are usually self-supporting so the tent can be easily moved before staking down. Domes usually have less headroom than cabin tents and typically don't have canopies or separate screen rooms, but they are easier to set up.

Cabin tents usually offer more headroom and living area. Two- and three-room cabins with canopies allow for more social gathering within the tent. Sir Edmund Hillary - who this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of his climb to the summit of the world's tallest peak, Mount Everest - has been Sears' camping equipment adviser for 40 years. A world-renowned mountaineer and explorer, Hillary has gone on dozens of camping trips with Sears' camping equipment experts, testing gear and providing advice on how to improve it. His outdoor expertise is reflected in Hillary camping gear, which is available exclusively at Sears.

Hillary tents come in one, two, three or four rooms. Room dividers provide separate sleeping quarters and areas for storing gear. The room dividers are removable so owners can convert the tent to one big room. Larger tents, such as the Hillary Anniversary Summit tent -‑which is available only in 2003, have three doors so people don't have to climb over one another to get in and out.

The Hillary Grand Safari Party Tent is the largest tent Sears has ever offered. The 21-foot by 18 foot, three-room dome tent sleeps 10 to 12 people.

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