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An Indiana DNR proposal to stock walleye in the Lake James Chain of Lakes in Steuben County has received a strong show of support from anglers. Over the past couple of months, more than 140 anglers voiced their opinions on a proposal to stock 190,000 1 to 2-inch walleye annually into Jimmerson Lake, Lake James and Snow Lake. More than 90 percent of those voiced complete support. Local angler Lynn Champion also submitted a 369-signature petition supporting the proposal.

According to Larry Koza, DNR fisheries biologist, recent studies have shown that the Lake James Chain has promising walleye habitat. "These three lakes offer the best hope of fingerling survival. If the fish do well, we expect they'll migrate into the other lakes in the chain, creating even more fishing opportunity," said Koza.

With public support behind the proposal, DNR biologists will consider the plan's effects on state hatchery production and statewide walleye stocking. "It's not a done deal," said Koza. "The very important public input process is complete. Now we'll look at our statewide stocking plans and see if we can make this plan a reality."

For additional information on the proposal, contact Larry Koza at (260) 829-6241 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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