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Yes, the rumor is true; effective April 1st, propane tanks without an Overfill Prevention Device (OPD), cannot be filled, in accordance with NFPA 58, the National LP Gas Code. This requirement affects 4 to 40 pound cylinders, which are most commonly used with barbecue grills and RVs.

The new OPD valve makes filling and using propane cylinders safer than ever before. This new valve will leave room in the cylinder allowing gas to expand, preventing potentially hazardous situations.

Identifying your cylinder is easy. The hand wheel of the new OPD valve is triangular shaped (and has an "OPD" stamp on the base), while the hand wheel on old cylinders is more round in shape.

The special 90-day collection program, running through June 18, is helping rid the state of the outdated cylinders. The 122 collection sites across the state have waived the normal handling fee, and will accept the outdated cylinders free of charge through the duration of this program. When transporting your cylinder please make sure the valve is tightly closed. A complete list of collection sites can be found at www.indianapropane.com/opd/collectsites.html.

The State Fire Marshal, Indiana State Police, and Indiana Department of Environmental Management support this program in hopes that it will prevent the old cylinders from ending up in landfills or in the hands of criminals who use them to make illegal methamphetamine.

For information about the collection program or this new requirement, please log ontowww.indianapropane.com/opd. Contact Kara Baber at 317-655-4444 to receive a grill safety packet including gas grill safety tips, grill cooking tips, grilling food safety tips, and grilling recipes.

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