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Umber’s Ace Hardware, the early years on Lower Huntington Road (photo from The Waynedale News archives). contributed by Umber's Ace Hardware


SPARK PLUG – First disconnect the spark plug wire and remove plug. Check the contacts. Rusty contact points may prevent your mower from starting. To remove rust, use emery cloth and lightly rub each contact point until all rust is removed. If the mower is still hard to start, replace the plug.

BLADE – Disconnect the spark plug. Turn the mower over and look at the blade for signs of rust. Blade rust can be removed by using a steel brush and steel wool. Check the cutting edge of the blade. It should be sharp enough to slice a piece of paper cleanly. If it doesn't, remove the blade and have it sharpened.

OIL – Check the engine oil. If it wasn't changed in the fall, it should be changed now and again mid-season.

CLEANING – Scrape or scrub off any accumulated grass or dirt. A clean mower will last longer. Future clean up can be made easier if the underside of the deck is coated with silicone or graphite.

Replacement plugs, parts and oil for almost any mower are available at any Umber's Ace Hardware. They also offer blade sharpening and tune-up service.

The Waynedale News Staff
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