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Don't let the winter blues set in; get outside and do something before they get you down. Where to go? What to do? I just received my copy of 'FUN TIMES' (Winter 2002, January-March issue) put out by the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department and it's full of interesting things to do. Their Mission Statement is, " The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department pledges to enhance the environmental, social, and aesthetic quality of life in the Fort Wayne community by serving the leisure needs of the people with well managed parks and recreation facilities, programs, and services of the highest possible quality." There you have it; just get yourself a copy and leaf through it to see what interests you.

Contact FORT WAYNE PARKS AND RECREATION, 705 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46805 or call 427-6000 – FAX 427-6020. Ask them to send you a copy or find out where you can pick one up. Their web site is: www.fortwayneparks.org if anyone wants to contact them by computer.

There is another book called 'WELCOME TO FORT WAYNE' and it's put out by SRS Publications, Inc., 7236 Turkey Run Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46815 and the price on the inside cover says $12.00. It's filled with articles, ads, and lots of history about the Fort Wayne area. More information can be found at your local Allen County Library Branch or at the Main Library downtown. There are a lot of places to go, things to do, and places to see in Fort Wayne. Get out and enjoy.



Polish your binocular lenses and soar out to an Eagle Watch program at

Monroe and Patoka reservoirs. The DNR properties offer great opportunities to view wild bald eagles wintering in southern Indiana. These free events will be held Feb. 2 at Patoka Lake and Feb. 8, 9, and 10 at Monroe Lake. Activities include guided eagle viewing tours and an up-close look at bald eagle C-52. Eagle C-52 was captured as an eaglet in Alaska for Indiana's bald eagle reintroduction effort, but was unable to fly because of a congenital defect. The raptor is kept by the DNR for educational programs.

This winter's Monroe Lake Eagle Watch takes place at Fourwinds Resort in Fairfax State Recreation Area on the west side of the lake. Patoka Lake's program will be at the lake visitors' center in Newton-Stewart State Recreation Area. Call Monroe Lake Nature Center at 812-837-9546 or Patoka Lake Visitor Center at 812-685-2447 for more information or to register. Winter is an ideal time to view bald eagles in Indiana because they are easier to spot among bare trees and because resident birds are joined by a large number of northern eagles that spend the winter around Indiana's large ice-free reservoirs. Participants should dress for weather, have cars fueled for viewing tours and bring binoculars.


For special rates on overnight accommodations at Monroe Lake's Eagle Watch, contact Fourwinds Resort at 1-800-538-1187. Or make reservations and check out the event schedule at: http://www.fourwindsresort.com/

Monroe Lake web site: http://www.state.in.us/dnr/parklake/reservoirs/monroe.html

Patoka Lake web site: http://www.state.in.us/dnr/parklake/reservoirs/patoka.html

Bald eagle photo and life history: http://www.ai.org/dnr/fishwild/lifeseries/eagle.htm

Indiana's bald eagle reintroduction program: http://www.ai.org/dnr/fishwild/nongame/eagle.htm

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