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In the last Waynedale News I saw an article announcing the Valentine’s Day Eagle Watch at the Salamonie Interpretive Center, and I thought to myself ‘What a nice way to celebrate the day with your sweetheart.’ Little did I know until talking with my friend, John Brennan—a retired English professor—that celebrating love on Valentine’s Day actually began with a story about birds, and eagles in particular.

In a dream poem by Geoffrey Chaucer, written around the year 1380, a meeting of birds comes...

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When the Indiana General Assembly convened in January for the start of the 2016 legislative session, the Senate Republican Caucus laid out an agenda aimed at moving our state forward in several key areas of public policy.

We are now beyond the halfway point of the session, and I’m pleased to report that all but one of our agenda items have passed the Senate and are moving forward in the legislative process.

The Senate has passed legislation that supports our educators, farmers and veterans...

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I recently joined leaders of the Fort Wayne Fire Department to welcome the 17 members of the department’s 88th recruit class.

The recruits have begun a 16-week process to become firefighters for the City of Fort Wayne. The anticipated graduation date is May 13.

Breakdown of the new recruit class:
12 Caucasian males
2 Caucasian females
2 Hispanic/Latino males
1 African American male

To continue the City’s commitment to public safety, the 89th recruit class of the Fort Wayne Fire Department will...

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The Indiana General Assembly has long prioritized Hoosier students and educators. Over half of our state’s general fund is devoted to K-12 education, making Indiana third in the nation for the percent of our budget devoted to schools.

Like many states, Indiana uses standardized testing (known as ISTEP) to objectively measure student growth and performance.

While testing can be an effective tool of measurement for students and educators, the deeply troubled 2015 ISTEP saw a number of serious...

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A check covering 75 percent ($862,946) of the funds needed to buyout 18 flood-prone homes was recently presented to the City of Fort Wayne by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA funding will combine with a required 25 percent from local funds provided by the City and the Maumee River Basin Commission (MRBC). The local contribution is $287,649.

All of the homes slated for buyouts have experienced chronic flooding through multiple years...

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Some of our clients have very little income and do a good job of managing the little that they have. Some have more income and may not manage it well. I’d like to offer some words of advice.

Monitoring financial activity can result in improved finances. Most financial accounts can be monitored online or by phone. Daily monitoring provides opportunities to correct problems as they occur.

Be careful to avoid overdraft or non-sufficient fund fees. Financial institutions charge these when there’s...

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