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With the November elections a mere two weeks away, it seemed appropriate to turn this column's attention to a race that affects the entire Waynedale and western Fort Wayne area. I am talking about the race for Wayne Township Trustee. This contest features the incumbent, Republican Matt Schomburg, against the challenger, Democrat Bob Kennedy. I admittedly don't know Mr. Kennedy very well, but I do know Mr. Schomburg, and the job he has done the past four years, so I thought I'd talk about that briefly.

Matt Schomburg inherited a Wayne Township Trustee's office that was, for lack of a better word, a total mess. The former Trustee had had several high profile legal problems; the office itself was not well run, and the reputation for the entire operation of this office was quite poor.

In the four short years since he's taken over, Matt has turned things completely around. The office of the Wayne Township Trustee is now a well-run operation. Through innovation and hard work, his office has become much more efficient both in protecting taxpayer's dollars as well as being more accessible and effective in representing the various needs of the people of Wayne Township.

This has not gone unrecognized. For his efforts, Matt Schomburg was recently named Indiana Township Trustee of the Year. That means he beat out over a thousand other Trustees throughout the entire state—many of whom had been in office for many years longer than Matt. This is a very prestigious honor, and is a recognition by Trustees around the state of the tremendous job Matt Schomburg has been doing for the people of Wayne Township.

Matt has also brought integrity and respect back to this office, something that is terribly important in this era where so many have lost faith and confidence in their leaders.

I obviously think a great deal of Matt Schomburg. None of this is meant to denigrate the qualifications or character of his opponent, Mr. Kennedy. However, it is my strong opinion that Matt has earned the right to represent Wayne Township as its Trustee for the next four years.

Regardless of how you vote, just make sure that you do. As we've seen as recently as the 2000 Presidential elections, a few votes can truly make a difference. Lets make sure we show our support for the American system of government by voting on November 5th. Remember, the United States continues to be the one true beacon of freedom in the world today. It will remain so as long as we, the people, keep it that way by exercising those freedoms, including the right to vote.

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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