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Fort Wayne's Neighborhood Code Enforcement office has a big job—-and a tough job. That office receives thousands of calls every year from disgruntled citizens who are fed up with the dilapidated property next door or down the street. NCE deals with the small percentage of property owners who consciously or unconsciously decide that it's right for them to allow their business or home to fall into disrepair or for trash to collect on their property. A few of those individuals can't really afford to do the needed fix-up—-but only a few. Despite being called "Code Nazis" and a few other assorted labels the NCE staffers try hard to enforce city-housing code. With that thought in mind I'd like to give a big pat on the back to Neighborhood Code for helping clean up some of the trash and weeds that collected on several properties on the south side of Lower Huntington Road in the business area west of Old Trail. The business district looks much better as a result—-and that's important for both the owners as well as the customers of those businesses!

On Tuesday, August 12th, Fort Wayne City Council held a public hearing regarding redistricting Ft. Wayne's 6 councilmanic districts. A strong effort was made during the last few days to inform citizens about the public hearing. I supported giving more time for citizen input since there seemed be greater interest after the Mayor vetoed the first redistricting ordinance and detailed maps were published in local newspapers. Redistricting may affect whether Indian Village continues to be represented by 2 City Council members but probably won't have a major effect on the "Waynedale News" area otherwise. Keep your eye on news items about redistricting and let me know if you have an opinion.

Recently there has been an upsurge in auto break-ins and similar property crimes in the neighborhoods north and south of Sandpoint Road between Ardmore Ave. and Bluffton Road. The Fort Wayne Police Department has asked that citizens of that area be very alert to any suspicious activity and to call the FWPD police desk at 427-1222 or emergency 911 if there are suspicious individuals in the area or if there is anything to suggest criminal activity. Cars should obviously be locked with no valuables in open view. The FWPD has also stepped up patrols north and south of Sandpoint Road. Police command and other city representatives and yours truly are meeting with neighborhood leaders this week to talk about ways to correct this problem and keep the area safe. Call me at 432-8418 if you live in the Sandpoint Road area and would like to help out with this important effort.

A couple of other items: Congratulations to the managers of Rich's Café, which opened recently at the intersection of L. Huntington Road and Baer Road. It's nice to see an active business at that site!! Good luck to everyone at Rich's! Also, a reminder to anyone currently actively involved as a neighborhood leader or anyone who's thinking about becoming active: Fort Wayne will be hosting the 2002 Regional Neighborhood Conference from October 3rd through the 5th. The program will offer lots of helpful suggestions to anyone interested in becoming actively involved in fighting for his or her neighborhood and supporting community oriented government in Fort Wayne. If you'd like more information contact Gina Kostoff, Southwest Neighborhood Specialist, at 427-1122. Give me a call with any questions or suggestions!


Tom Hayhurst
City Council-4th district

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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