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As you may remember, the Wayne Township Trustee Office is the host agency for the Northeast Indiana's Twenty-first Century Scholars Support Program, locally coordinated by Ms. Liddy Nern. Every year, members of my staff take scholars on a trip during spring break to visit college campuses and have a fun, positive experience. In April, we partnered with Taylor University and made this a joint venture.

Taylor has a program very similar to the statewide Twenty-first Century Scholars Program. It is called the Hoosier College Preparatory Program (HCPP), and is directed by Ms. Verleaish Jones. The HCPP encourages college aspiration and preparation for elementary and secondary school children.

The "Spring Break Campus Visit Tour" took 49 children between 8th and 12th grades to three Indiana colleges. The group rented a bus and visited Indiana University's main campus in Bloomington. They visited the University of Indianapolis, and while they were in the big city, they enjoyed going to dinner at a downtown restaurant, visiting the mall, seeing a movie, seeing a Pacer's game, and touring the Children's Museum. Of course, they enjoyed the swimming pool at the hotel, too.

The purpose of the Spring Break trip is to introduce these children to college life, to let them see for themselves firsthand what a campus looks and feels like. This helps reduce the anxiety that the transition from high school to college often brings. Of course, the trip is also a fun and enjoyable experience, promoting positive activities to help motivate the youth to keep their pledge of staying out of trouble.

I am glad the trip was a safe and successful one, and would like to personally thank Taylor University for its collaboration. The resources were definitely maximized, which saved both organizations expenses.



Matthew Schomburg
Wayne Township Trustee

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