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IVY Tech State College's human services department requires their students to complete an internship at a social service organization to satisfy their graduation requirements. I'm very pleased to report Wayne Township's continued and successful practice of offering such internships. The students have benefited greatly through their hands-on education and experience, and so does the Township. Since the internships are unpaid, there is no additional cost to taxpayers. Best of all, interns make great employees. They are well-trained and have undergone the orientation process, which means they can jump right in and start working efficiently.

Many interns, along with people who come from states that do not have the Trustee system, have questions about townships and trustees. It can confuse anyone, because the duties of trustee are diverse and numerous. There are over 1000 townships in Indiana! Here are the answers to two related questions:

Q)What is the role of a township trustee?

A) The primary role of the Trustee varies, depending on the township.

At the Wayne Township, my primary role is to provide emergency relief to the poor. With the size and location of Wayne Township, there is a considerable amount of people throughout the year who need assistance. However, there are other townships in Indiana that have different primary duties, such as managing fire stations and assessing.

Q)What are other roles of a Trustee?

A)Although legislation dictates what a trustee must do, and there are certain restrictions of what a trustee may not do, there is a considerable amount of flexibility on how a Trustee can help meet the needs of his or her community. For example, some Trustees in the state provide basic poor relief. Others have created programs designed to address specific problems of their clients, such as operating homeless shelters. And still other Trustees, such as myself, have sought private funding for other programs and projects so they can provide additional services to the community in general.

If you have a question or comment for the Wayne Township Trustee, please call 449-7000, or write to at the address below. You can also visit us on the web at www.waynetownship.org.


Voice of the Township
c/o Matthew Schomburg, Trustee
320 East Superior Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

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