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In my last column I took the liberty of making a few comments regarding the recent terrible terrorist attacks on the USA. As we approach 5 weeks since those catastrophic events our nation has targeted its international military response directly at the perpetrators of the events of 9/11/01. I've noted with interest that almost before the 1st military target was hit in Afghanistan there were complaints that there had been some civilian casualties due to US military action. Such comments need to be heard and given consideration when verified but are almost ridiculous when they come from the lips of those who INTENTIONALLY slaughtered more than 5000 of our fellow citizens on 9/11. I believe that our federal officials are exactly right—we are engaged in a war with terrorists which will likely last many years and have many sad chapters—as is true of any war—before the USA and its allies emerge victorious. Let's be aware that terrorist acts can occur anywhere and alert local law enforcement regarding any suspicious activity in our community. I've made a point to talk with local law enforcement and civil defense officials and to point out any areas in Fort Wayne and Allen County where I felt security was lacking. Let me know your feelings about this extremely important matter!
Many individuals have signed petitions and spoken out regarding needed improvements in traffic control at the Bluffton Road-Lower Huntington Road intersection. As I've said and written before, I fully support dedicated turn lanes and new signalization at that intersection despite the fact that our city's excellent traffic engineering staff has recommended against these changes. At 6:30pm on Monday, October 29th there will be a public hearing at the Community Center near Scott's grocery regarding the proposed traffic control improvements at that intersection. City officials directly involved in the decision making process will be present. It's important to have the largest possible turnout so Mayor Graham Richard and his staff understand how strong the feelings are in the Waynedale area that this important intersection be upgraded to the 21st Century!! If you arrive and the building is full be sure to sign the register so there will be a record that you were present. The final decision is up to the mayor and I'm hopeful he'll see the light and give his blessing to this important project.
Recently I've received a few calls from Lake Shores residents regarding concerns about an increase in criminal activity in that neighborhood. There have been some thefts from automobiles as well as other crimes such as vandalism which don't show up dramatically in statistics. Lake Shores has been a very safe neighborhood in which to live and MUST remain exactly that. Residents of that area should not hesitate to call 911 for ANY suspicious activity! I've asked Deputy Chief Doug Lucker to focus on the Lake Shores neighborhood with the goal of booting out any unwanted visitors and assuring that Lake Shores IS a safe neighborhood. Dep. Chief Lucker is the Southwest Quadrant Chief and has the responsibility for crime prevention in the Waynedale area. I'll keep in touch regarding developments in Lake Shores.
One other item—I asked Fort Wayne's Plan Department to look into a possible easement violation in Lakewood Park where a building had possibly been constructed over a utilities easement. I've been told that the city sent out an inspector who made the necessary measurements and found that the building in question is "legal". I wanted to pass along some information regarding this matter since I received several calls earlier this month.
Let me know what you think. Be alert!!!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman-4th District

The Waynedale News Staff
Author: The Waynedale News Staff
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