Our Authors - The Waynedale News http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors.html Thu, 26 Feb 2015 02:58:23 -0500 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Alex Cornwell http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/alex-cornwell.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/alex-cornwell.html Alex CornwellThe youngest newspaper owner in America, Alex Cornwell is a Waynedale community member, activist and supporter. He was recently awarded Distinguished Young Alumni by his Alma Mater, The University of Saint Francis for his works.

Starting as an employee in 2006, Alex undertook the ownership of the Waynedale Newspaper in 2009. He reshaped its foundation through the extraordinary vision he had to improve the area by utilizing the resources the paper provides to enhance the well-being of the residential and business life of Waynedale. The positive, family friendly news and entertainment exemplifies the newspaper's mission to assist the community.

His professional career as a website / graphic designer and business owner began while in attendance at the University of Saint Francis. Alex organized a sole proprietorship for freelance design work where he managed print and web design, public relations, marketing and advertising for various small to nationally catering businesses. He continues to implement successful changes with his proprietorship, maintaining the current marketing trends for these companies as well as accepting new partnerships.

Holding high standards for all newspaper employees, The Waynedale News has overwhelmingly proven to be successful and one of his greatest personal accomplishments in his young age. Alex is proud to lead his in-house team, writing, editorial, sales and delivery staff; who together have helped the newspaper distribution grow to 35,000 newsprint readers every two weeks and up to 40,000 monthly visitors on its network of websites.

Aspiring to serve his community and dedicated to impacting the development of Fort Wayne, he has and continues to engage himself in numerous noteworthy causes. Most remarkably, he has initiated the significant changes to improve the area's residential and business well-being by positively enhancing the developments of the region and creating free events.
- While in college, he served a three-year term on the Brenda Hanchar Foundation Board of Directors, a non-profit which acquires and distributes durable medical equipment for those in Allen County without means to afford the desperately needed equipment.
- While in college, he served a one-year term on the Three Rivers Festival "Art In The Park" committee, organizing the vendor based art event at Freimann Square in downtown Fort Wayne.
- In 2010 he became a founding member of the Waynedale Community Improvement Team, a group that organizes annual events for residents of Waynedale.

In further efforts to connect with the community his business serves, he currently volunteers his time and resources as member of the Waynedale Lions Club, Southwest Conservation Club, and Acres Land Trust.
- He currently serves as a founding member of the Waynedale Business Chamber.
- He currently serves as the president of Avalon Place Civic Neighborhood Association.

A further commitment to enhance the Waynedale community has lead to his creation of Waynedale.com, which is an online resource for residents, businesses and visitors to learn, share ideas and subscribe to an e-newsletter regarding the area, maintained by volunteers. Waynedale.com sells a Waynedale-branded apparel line to support its efforts, which have become a very popular item to have or give as a gift. Waynedale.com also produces an annual magazine that encompasses Waynedale resources, activities, history and a listing of businesses in the area. Both, the apparel and the guide are designed to create awareness and discussion topics regarding the community, among a number of other goals that are designed to enhance the community.


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Michael Alberico http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8314-michael-alberico.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8314-michael-alberico.html Michael AlbericoHello, my name is Michael Alberico. I was the co-owner and publisher of The Waynedale News for nearly four years (2009 - 2013). I am a native of North Carolina that relocated with my family to the Waynedale area as a youngster. I grew to love the area throughout my years there while attending Bishop Luers High School. After High School, I chose to hone my education locally at the University of Saint Francis where I received a B.A. in Computer Art.

Through college I studied various aspects in the computer art field with my colleague Alex Cornwell. Over the years there we developed a fantastic friendship and ironically both of us lived in Waynedale. Sharing the same passion filled view for the Waynedale area, we were presented with an opportunity to take over The Waynedale News. Alex and I saw this as a chance to improve and uphold Waynedale traditions. So on September 1, 2009, Alex and I jumped into the newspaper world "headfirst," so to say and assumed control of the newspaper.

The Waynedale News proved to be an overwhelmingly successful venture and a truly great accomplishment for myself. The newspaper always provided unique challenges and rewarding experiences. I am proud of what we as a "family," which included our in-house team, writing, editorial, sales and delivery staff accomplished while I was with the paper. We helped the newspaper grow (over 20%) to 35,000 newsprint readers every two weeks and to 40,000 monthly visitors on the Waynedale News website (Created in 2010.)

The creation of Waynedale.com brought and will continue to bring an immensely positive imprint on the area which includes a community website, apparel line and business directory. The apparel line has sold well over 2,000 items and the business directory is a project that has continued annually. All of those projects helped and will continue to shed a positive and most importantly, growing chatter about the Waynedale area.

My major interests include aviation, entrepreneurship, animated films, art, and sports.

Since leaving the paper early in the summer of 2013, I have married my beautiful wife Emily, who is studying at Notre Dame, moved to La Porte, Indiana and have been studying to becoming a commercial pilot. I hope to achieve this goal in the next year, to year and a half.

I currently still visit the Waynedale area from time to time and follow the newspaper very closely.


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Cindy Cornwell http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/cindy-cornwell.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/cindy-cornwell.html bio_ccornwellI am a transplant to the Fort Wayne area. I was born and raised in south central Wisconsin where my mother and father still live. I have two sons; Alex-who is a co-owner of The Waynedale News and also owns a web-design company called Acorn Design and a graduate of University of St. Francis, my youngest son, Jordan is a student in Madison, Wisconsin majoring in business management.

 I have lived in the Waynedale area for over 15 years, currently working full time as a surgical assistant for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates and part-time for The Waynedale News. I started my newspaper career over 10 years ago beginning as a sales executive, progressing as copy editor, graphic and paper designer, and through the years enjoyed writing for the paper as well as taking on the role of Mathew Brady-a photographer.

As a writer I enjoy writing about a great place to live, shop, work and play-small town USA-Waynedale. Whenever a story lends itself to good news about this perfect place to live---Waynedale---I am there. All across America, this small town ambiance symbolizes friendly neighbors and a great place to raise a family so why not tell their story.
I have been published in the Allen County History Book, contributing the Wayne Township section, of this said to be most comprehensive and largest history book in the nation.

When I am not working as a surgical assistant or playing the role of "Lois Lane" at The Waynedale News I am playing golf, riding or running the Rivergreenway Trails, downhill skiing, gardening, traveling or hanging out with all my wonderful friends that I have been blessed with. My most recent project was co-coordinating the Blue Ball Open- raising awareness for prostate cancer through a golf outing. And currently, soon to be published, a book called The History of Waynedale.

As Abraham Lincoln said, "And in the end, It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

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State Senator David Long http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/state-senator-david-long-r-fort-wayne.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/state-senator-david-long-r-fort-wayne.html State Senator David Long (R-Fort Wayne)

David C. Long is a Republican member of the Indiana State Senate representing the 16th district.

He serves as the President Pro Tempore of the Indiana State Senate.

Prior to his election to the Senate, David Long served from 1988 through 2005 as a member of the Fort Wayne Common Council from the Fourth District. He defeated incumbent Ben Eisbart to win the post. Mr. Eisbart had won the post by defeating incumbent Frederick Hunter, the father-in-law of David Long.

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Ronnie McBrayer http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/10445-ronnie-mcbrayer.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/10445-ronnie-mcbrayer.html Ronnie McBrayerRonnie McBrayer was born in the foothills of the North Georgia Appalachians. He claims he barely survived the fire-and-brimstone, fundamentalist indoctrination of his hard shell Baptist-reared childhood. But in the great comedy of God, Ronnie has spent his adulthood in ministry, both preaching in and protesting against; both loving and leaving; both running away from and returning to the church. The faith he is trying to keep isn't in organized religion, however. It is in Jesus.

Ronnie has been a pastor, chaplain, leader in social justice ministries, and a writer. His post-Katrina relief work with Habitat for Humanity was featured by the CBS Evening News and the New York Times, and his writings have been featured in various media outlets. He holds degrees in Christian Education and Theology, with post-graduate studies in Bio-Ethics and Critical Incident Stress Management.

McBrayer's weekly syndicated column "Keeping the Faith" is a past Florida Press Association award winner in Religion, and a collection of those articles was published in book format under that same title in 2008. Also released in 2008 was Ronnie's book But God Meant it for Good, based on the Old Testament character of Joseph, by Smyth and Helwys Publishers of Macon, Georgia. In 2009, Smyth and Helwys released two more of Ronnie's works: Leaving Religion, Following Jesus, and "The Book of Esther" a Formations Curriculum Teaching and Study Guide. Ronnie's latest work, The Jesus Tribe, will release in the winter of 2011.

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Mitch Harper http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/9768-mitch-harper.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/9768-mitch-harper.html Mitch Harper Mitch Harper represents the 4th District on Fort Wayne's Common Council. The 4th District includes Waynedale, Time Corners and Aboite. He was first elected in 2007 and was reelected in 2011.

Mitch Harper was born in 1956 in Fort Wayne and is a lifelong resident of Allen County. His great-great grandfather, William Harper, settled in Allen County in 1834 after immigrating from County Tyrone, Ireland. Mitch Harper was married in 1989 to Dawn Wilson and they reside in the Barrington Lake Estates neighborhood. Dawn is a Certified Public Accountant.

Mitch Harper is an attorney in private practice.

He served as State Representative from 1978 through 1990. Elected at age 22, he was the youngest member of the Indiana House of Representatives. As state chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council, he was an advocate for term limits. He chose not to seek re-election after 12 years in the General Assembly.

He served as Chairman of the House Urban Affairs Committee and the House Labor Committee. He was co-chairman of the House Environmental Affairs Committee. He served on the House Committee on Cities and Towns and was a member of the joint committee on Local Government Affairs which drafted Indiana's first Home Rule legislation.

As President of the Mary and Perry Spencer Foundation, a founding member of the board of the Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor, a member of the board of Drive Alive, Mitch is deeply involved in the community.

He is active in promoting running and recreation in northeast Indiana. He is the organizer and founder of several athletic events including the Galloping Gobbler 4 Miler held at the campus of the University of St. Francis each Thanksgiving. The HUFF 50K Trail Run at the Chain O' Lakes State Park at Albion in December attracts competitors from 30 different states and is one of the largest events of its kind in North America.

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Mayor Tom Henry http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/mayor-tom-henry.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/mayor-tom-henry.html Mayor Tom HenryA lifelong Fort Wayne resident, Mayor Thomas C. Henry is committed to public and community service. He was elected to his first term as Fort Wayne's Mayor November 6, 2007. From 1984 to 2004, he served on Fort Wayne's City Council, representing northwest Fort Wayne residents in the 3rd District.

Now as mayor of Indiana's second-largest city, Henry believes to risk more, care more, dream more, and expect more, paraphrasing the West Point Academy Cadet Maxim. His administration is one of accessibility, approachability and community involvement.

With experience in the private sector, Mayor Henry has been a successful small-business owner for more than two decades. He is currently President and CEO of The Gallant Group, a Fort Wayne insurance agency and healthcare consulting firm. Henry also worked as President and CEO of Midwest Health Net, a multi-hospital group purchasing organization serving the tristate area, and has been a hospital consultant.

During his 20 years on City Council, Henry provided independent, innovative and progressive representation. He served three years as Council President and three years as Vice President. Henry authored key City ordinances still in effect today including the anti-discrimination ordinance, sunset ordinance for boards and commissions, transient merchant ordinance, homestead credit provision and the City's parking garage privatization ordinance.

Henry is involved with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the National League of Cities and the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns.

Mayor Henry's community involvement includes the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce, Neighborhood Health Clinic Board of Directors, Science Central Board of Directors and the Whitington Homes & Services Board of Directors. Henry's past service includes the University of St. Francis Board of Trustees, Red Cross volunteer during the flood of 1982, and several state and federal task forces.

A 1970 graduate of Fort Wayne Central Catholic High School, Henry earned his bachelor's degree in psychology and his MBA from the University of St. Francis. Henry served his country from 1971 to 1973 as a Specialist 4 with the U.S. Army's Military Police.

Mayor Henry's family has been in Fort Wayne for over 100 years and 6 generations. Tom Henry is the second of Jerome and Marge Henry's 17 children. Since 1975, Tom has been married to Cindy (Kocks), owner of the popular neighborhood restaurant and pub The Green Frog Inn. Tom and Cindy have a son, a daughter, and two grandchildren. The Henrys are members of Most Precious Blood Catholic Church.

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John Barleycorn http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8307-john-barleycorn.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8307-john-barleycorn.html After Robert Stark purchased Waynedale's newspaper in 2000 he called a friend and asked him to write a column about alcoholism. The friend was skeptical that the column would last more than a few months for a lack of interest. Ten years later The Waynedale News has changed ownership and "Here's to Your Health" still remains a popular regular column. The writer of HTYH is an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and therefore must maintain anonymity at all levels of press, radio, and film. A friend of the columnist named Bill Q. suggested the name John Barleycorn be used to protect the writer's anonymity--it's the same name used in the book Alcoholics Anonymous for alcohol—it's synonymous with not only bread but alcohol...

Barley, encounters great suffering during his grinding before succumbing to an unpleasant death by fire. However, as a result of his death bread is produced; therefore, Barleycorn dies so that others may live. Finally his body will be eaten as bread it returns to the earth and once again springs to life—he can never die...

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Dr. Jayme Nill, D.C. http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/jayme-nill.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/jayme-nill.html Dr. James NillDr. Jayme Nill, D.C., a Fort Wayne native, received his undergraduate degree of Science from Ball State University with a major in Biology.  He then went on to chiropractic school at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois near Chicago.  While in attendance, he did lectures for hundreds of high school and college students on the topics of anatomy, chiropractic, and nutrition.

Dr. Nill graduated in December of 2003 and has since opened his own practice in Fort Wayne.  He continues his commitment to the health of our community and still offers lectures for area businesses, clubs, groups and schools covering many health topics.

Dr. Jayme Nill has a strong family presence in Fort Wayne including being the grandson of the late Dr. John H. Nill, M.D. and the nephew of Dr. Thomas G. Nill, M.D.  He is also the great-grandson of Princess Delight Poorman of Waynedale who recenly passed at 96.  He is one of five children of June and Jim Nill with two brothers and two sisters (Erin, Breanne, Brandon, and Nate).

At Nill Family Chiropractic, the Doctor understands the importance of your family and their health as well.  He takes the "whole person approach". This approach to wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function. Using this unique approach, Dr. Nill is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

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Hal Vizino http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8305-hal-vizino.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8305-hal-vizino.html Have you ever heard of Poughkeepsie, New York? That's my hometown! It's located 75 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River. My high school class of 1950 is celebrating its 60th reunion this fall. Following my gradation, I attended Earlham College in Richmond Indiana...a long way from Poughkeepsie!

As my life unfolded, I realized I had been given mane talents and wondered where each would manifest itself in my life.

Music played a dominant role in my life, from taking piano and voice lessons to majoring in music in college. When in Fort Wayne, I belonged to and opera group, performing in some of their productions.

Art was also significant in my life, and became a second college major. I have done some oil painting for my family and friends. This year I will draw my 48th pencil sketch, the number of my married years, for our Christmas cards.

During my service of duty with the U.S. Army, I was stationed in Germany, with my office being in the Palace of Justice where the Nuremburg Trials transpired. With my roots stemming from Germany, I became immersed in their people, language, and culture.

Following my army experience, I returned to Earlham College where I majored in education. It was there that I met my future wife. We moved to Fort Wayne and became parents of 2 sons. We are now "Opa" and "Oma" to 4 wonderful granddaughters.

My career, spanning 42 years, was divided nearly equally between working for Fort Wayne Community Schools and Parkview Hospital. In 2001, I retired from Parkview and began a new chapter in my life.

I chose to give my time serving various community organizations through volunteering. At NEIRS, I was able to read portions of the newspaper to the blind over the radio. Over a pervious of 36 years, I served on the Allen County Jail Ministry board and met with the inmates through various capacities. I became a docent at the new downtown library when it first opened. At the Ronald McDonald House, located in Parkview Hospital, I served weekly as one of the hosts. Giving back to the community, for me, was a very gratifying experience.

It was during this chapter of my life, that I became interested in writing children's stories and dedicating them to my four granddaughters. I pursued this interest me enrolling in a 2 year Christian Writer's Guild program. I four this outlet to be very gratifying, and my granddaughters enjoyed receiving stories tailor –made to reflect their interests.

I have appreciated the opportunity afforded me by Alex Cornwell and Michael Alberico, co-owners and publishers of the Waynedale News, to print my stories. Thank you!

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John Stark http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8304-john-stark.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8304-john-stark.html John StarkJohn Edward Stark was born to Irene Elizabeth and Edward William Stark on April 11, 1945. He attended grade school at Waynedale Elementary School, middle school at Maplewood School, High School at Elmhurst High School and was graduated in 1963. After his High School graduation he married Patricia M. Gasper on October 28th 1963 and attended a regional campus for one semester. That union produced two handsome sons, John William Stark born May 29th 1964 and Clay Edward Stark born May 18th 1967. His first marriage ended in 1970 and a special little girl, Amber Michelle Roberson, came into his life during his single years that lasted until his second marriage to Kay S. Sweet formerly of Philadelphia and Long Island NY on August 19th 1997.

During August of 1985, he was introduced to a retired newspaper man, the late Edward Kennedy, who heard his life story. Ed said, "Colleges crank out hoards of writers, but they don't have a story. You have a story and should learn how to write—lest it will never be told."

He enrolled in a basic typing class at the Old Central High Night School and was tutored by Mrs. Gloria Van Slyke who further encouraged him to continue writing. His third mentor was the late Betty Grotness who once worked for the Chicago Tribune. His fourth mentor was and is Rodney Miller, currently a resident of Shenyang China. His fifth writing mentor, and current editor is; Professor Glenn Chesnut who has authored several books the most recent of which was published in the fall of 2010 and who also is a regular columnist for WN.

Tales from the Caribbean is a bi-weekly fictional creation by J.E.S., that's now on its 33rd Chapter with many additional chapters to follow. Some of the characters are vaguely modeled after real characters he once sailed with, but the story line is strictly produced by his creative writing. "Tales" is his second effort at writing fiction and at creating fictional characters. Some of the folks in Waynedale and members of the Outlaws Soccer Team will remember his first fictional characters--a bookie, the Sports Doctor, Mademoiselle and her Mama, Jacques Le Foot, Mahmud, Father Lambini and others.

Some of his current writer friends have more than fifty years of writing experience and with only 25 years of writing experience, JES is still a youngster. His hope, however, is that his, curious imagination, and life experiences spanning the 1960's through 2010, and his many unique and colorful acquaintances can bridge the experience gap and make up for his lack of writing longevity...

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Alyce Faye Bragg http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/alyce-faye-bragg.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/alyce-faye-bragg.html Alyce Faye BraggThe oldest of seven children; born on Big Laurel Creek in Clay County, West Virginia in 1935. Mother of six children; grandmother of 22, and great-grandmother of 23.

Born and raised in the country, and still lives on the same farm where she was raised. Has a sincere love for nature and the beauty of the hills.

Began writing in 1981 for a county newspaper, "The Clay County Free Press"; started writing for a state paper, "The Charleston Gazette," in 1991. Has three books published, "This Holler is my Home," "Homesick for the Hills" and "Laughter from the Hills."

"I love to write, and my main desire is to describe things in such a way that the reader can see it too. God has given me a talent for description, and permitted me to live in a part of the country where there is a wealth of natural beauty. Also, He has blessed us with a huge family where there is always something happening!"

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Lois Levihn http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/lois-eubank.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/lois-eubank.html I'm Fort Wayne native Lois Levihn author of Around the frame. I grew up close to Waynedale graduating from Wayne High School and IPFW. I've been a writer since 2009 when the new owners Alex and Michael were looking for new columnists.

I enjoy the community spirit of Waynedale. I look forward to passing out vintage postcards along the annual Memorial Day parade route and taking in all of the booths at the Community Picnic each August.

Quilts have always been important to me. I love the stories surrounding them, the techniques used in making them, and the happy faces when a beloved quilt is restored and returned to its family.

I am the owner of Born Again Quilts a restoration studio and vintage quilt gallery located at 4005 South Wayne Ave. In 2013 I received a façade grant from the City of Fort Wayne to enhance the studio’s appearance. What could be better than to restore quilts in a restored building? Receiving an “ARCH”ie commendation for the rehabilitation of a commercial building.

I support the Allen County SPCA by taking donated quilts, restoring and selling them to benefit their work.

You can visit my website at: www.bornagainquilts.com


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Ron Coody http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/ron-coody.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/ron-coody.html Ron CoodyIn April 2002 my family moved from Fort Wayne to Istanbul, Turkey on a work assignment. This is not the first time we have lived outside the United States. In 1993 we worked in the former Soviet Union in the newly formed republic of Kazakstan, a vast country of mostly empty Asian steppe whose few inhabitants survive on eating sheep and horsemeat.

Our second move occurred several years later when we worked on the island of Cyprus in the Middle East. Having moved yet again, we plan to make Istanbul our home for some years until we can raise our four energetic boys and impart to them some wisdom and self-sufficiency.

Living overseas as an American provides an unparallel experience in both learning to appreciate the diversity of the human race and the immense measure of personal freedom and opportunities we have in the United States. September 11 and the events of the past several months have exposed Americans to the malice that some people feel toward us. Yet it would be unfair to say that everyone carries the same kind of hostility that a certain few persons have expressed.

Before leaving Fort Wayne people showed concern for our safety traveling internationally. The tragic shooting in the Los Angeles airport on July 4th this year just aggravates people's fears and anxieties. Risks certainly exist, in any kind of work or in any kind of activity. Thankfully, most of the time the fears and anxieties associated with being an American traveling abroad has no grounding in reality. People of other nations are willing to extend a warm welcome to Americans and if they did have any negative feelings about certain policies held by the US government, they choose to quickly get past these and relate person to person.

Of course much of this depends on the attitude we demonstrate as guests in their country. People anywhere can sense an air of superiority and know when someone considers them less than an equal. In those moments one can rightfully expect a cooler reception.

Herein lies a challenge for us, which we experienced even when celebrating Independence Day in our newly adopted home. The opportunities, liberties, prosperity...these and many other providential blessings which millions of Americans enjoy every moment of every day, stand in such sharp contrast to the living conditions of billions of other people living on the planet, that we must make a conscious choice not to let this wonderful heritage make us proud. Yes, I am proud to be an American, but lest I begin to think that this identity I have inherited is a result of my own ingenuity or ability, I also look to my less privileged neighbors in other countries and remind myself that "but by the grace of God go I." If anything, I am responsible to consider ways that my privileged position can enhance the lives of those who hunger for a more meaningful life. This freedom, this gift, uniquely enables us to share our many other gifts.

Ron and Jean Coody

Understanding the vast and complex Muslim world has held Ron and Jean Coody's attention for fifteen years. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 gave them an unprecedented open door to move into the newly formed Central Asian country of Kazakstan. For the first half of the decade they worked alongside Kazaks seeking to address the many problems left behind by Soviet rule. After serving five years in Kazakstan, the Coody's relocated to Cyprus. There they studied the Muslim context and helped produce media materials in the Arabic language. In 2002 they began working in Istanbul, Turkey.

After leaving Kazakstan in 1998 Ron wrote a book about their years among the Kazaks to help Westerners better understand the Muslim world. Even in the age of electronic communication Ron considers written material to be one of the most powerful means of communication. While in Turkey Ron will continue to write with the purpose of providing glimpses into the Muslim world.

Ron and Jean have four boys, John, Elliot, Judah Paul, and Isaiah. Ron grew up in north Louisiana and Jean near Taylor University Fort Wayne. Ron is currently studying for a Ph.D. from Concordia Theological Seminary and Jean graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in nursing. They belong to Avalon Missionary Church and consider the Waynedale area one of their home communities.

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Doug Hackbarth http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/doug-hackbarth.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/doug-hackbarth.html Doug HackbarthBorn in Fort Wayne, December 10, 1952 my family purchased Broadview Florist and Greenhouses in 1957 when I was only 4 ½ years old. We moved into the three-bedroom apartment above, where I currently live with my wife. My daughter and mother-in-law live in the houses on either side of Broadview so we have our own little "homestead" here on Winchester Road. We have been through four major floods; 1978, 1982, 2003 and the last one was January 2004. The greenhouses were under water each time but not the florist or our homes.

As I grew up I went to only three schools; Hillcrest, Kekionga and Elmhurst High. I was a big fan of the drums after watching the drummer in a band at a wedding reception...My mother always knew where I was, sitting in a chair watching the drummer the entire night. I took lessons after that and became a pretty good, professional drummer. I was also the drummer in the stage band (big band) at Elmhurst High School for three years. I played my first professional job when I was only 13 years old and continued to play professionally until I was 28 years old. After that I retired from music and devoted all of my time to the greenhouse business.

I never was formally trained in this business but had a real passion for learning everything I could by reading books on the subject. I also watched Jim Crockett's Victory Garden on PBS-Television which gave me the idea to start up my own news TV segment on a local news station. Every week I gave pointers on how to garden and care for plants on the news, and I did this for 11 years. Next I turned to Talk-Radio, WGL where I had a one-hour "question and answer" program that ran for 15 years, and only ended because the station turned from "talk" to music.

Over the last 14 years I have been flying airplanes. I started October 15, 1996 and have flown to many destinations over these many years; to Florida, New Orleans, Asheville, NC, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago and to my favorite place, Mackinac Island, Michigan. Truth is, I took up flying just so that I would not have to drive to Mackinac Island ever again, and I haven't. I now own my own plane, a Cessna 172 Sky Hawk but in the beginning I belonged to a flying club that owned 3 different airplanes; a 172 Sky Hawk, a 182R Sky Lane and a Cherokee Piper (low wing), all of which I could fly.

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Ray McCune http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/ray-mccune.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/ray-mccune.html Ray McCuneRay McCune is an import from the hills of West Virginia and is a former Associate Editor with The Waynedale News. He has lived in Waynedale for the last 45 years. He retired from a less rewarding job after 28 years of service with a local telephone company in 1994. He then took to his lifelong dream of being a full time Outdoor Freelance Writer and author. He currently contributes to the OUTDOORS page for The Waynedale News.

He is a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam era where he was a Radar Electronics Technician aboard a Tin Can (Destroyer) home ported in Hawaii. He is a long time Boy Scout leader and has been a Scoutmaster of two different troops in the Waynedale area. He still gives demonstrations on Dutch oven cooking and knot tying.

He has written a humorous book titled How To Eat A Wild Green Pancake and other humorous tales (available electronically at Barnes & Noble and Amazon or by contacting him at: P.O. Box 9793, Fort Wayne, IN 46899-9793 in care of Hunters' Publication or by E-mailing him at WVHumorWriter@aol.com. NO, it is not a cookbook.

He lives in Waynedale with his lovely wife Joanne; they have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Currently, his many Kampfire Kookin' and Humor Corner articles and columns appear in MidWest Outdoors magazine, The Gad-A-Bout outdoor magazine, and other outdoor publications. They are based on his Dutch oven cooking and some of the humorous things that have happened to him in his life while growing up in West Virginia.

He graduated from Gassaway High School ('56), from the US Navy School of Electronics ('58). He attended Santa Ana College (Journalism Major ('62 – '64) and Graduated IU Fort Wayne ('88) with an associate's degree in General Studies..
Publications in which his work has appeared: The Otter – high school, El Don – College, News Sentinel – Neighbors Section, Journal Gazette – Summer Outdoor Columnist – Lakes Addition, Gad-A-Bout outdoor magazine, MidWest Outdoors (columnist and Feature Editor, Rag Horn News, Elkhart Truth, Waynedale News, Scouting Smoke Signals (Editor). Indiana Outdoors, Braxton Citizens' News, Braxton Democrat, Charleston Gazette.
Organizations: H.O.W. (Hoosier Outdoor Writers), Sigma Chapter – Beta Phi Gamma, Life Member NRA, American Legion Post 241, BSA Trained Leader
Interests: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor Humor, and writing about all of them.

His motto is: "If you ain't havin' fun doin' whut yer doin', then you shouldn't be doin' whut yer doin'."

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Glenn Chesnut http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8297-glenn-chesnut.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8297-glenn-chesnut.html Glenn ChesnutGlenn F. Chesnut was Professor of History and Religious Studies at Indiana University in South Bend for 33 years, where he was one of their most popular teachers, winning Indiana University's Herman Frederic Lieber Award for excellence in teaching in 1988. He has written a number of books on the history of Christianity as well as on the spirituality of Alcoholics Anonymous and the twelve step program. His recent books include The Higher Power of the Twelve-Step Program: For Believers & Non-believers and Changed by Grace: V. C. Kitchen, the Oxford Group, and A.A. (which is included in Bishop's List of the Fifty Most Important Books tracing A.A.'s history from the last hundred years). A third book, God and Spirituality, will appear in Fall 2010. For more details (and selections to read online) see his website at http://hindsfoot.org/

He was brought up in San Antonio, Texas, and Louisville, Kentucky, and has degrees from the University of Louisville (chemistry and nuclear physics) and Southern Methodist University (a B.D. in divinity), as well as a doctorate in theology from Oxford University in England.

After his retirement from Indiana University in 2003 he became Director of the Hindsfoot Foundation, which publishes books on the moral and spiritual dimensions of recovery, and has been devoting his full time to working with alcoholics and addicts. He and his wife Sue continue to live in South Bend in a tree-shaded house three blocks from the St. Joseph river, just at the edge of the University of Notre Dame campus. They enjoy traveling in their camper to music festivals and reading detective novels.

For more about him see his photo website at http://unmeasureddistances.ftml.net/

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Rev. Thomas “Dancing Feather” Ebbing http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8296-rev-thomas-dancing-feather-ebbing.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8296-rev-thomas-dancing-feather-ebbing.html Rev. Thomas “Dancing Feather” EbbingI was born and raised in Ft. Wayne, and my wife Jane and I now live south of Albion, IN. I retired from the Ft. Wayne Fire Department in 1995 after 23 years of service. I am of Mohawk Indian ancestry on my mother's side. I am an ordained Christian minister, and I have been a teacher of the Native American Medicine Wheel for over 20 years. I have been writing since I was a teenager, and my first book, Rhythm of the Drum, was published some 25 years ago, followed by Melody of the Forest, Song Eternal, Symphony of Spirit, and Faith Warriors. Writing to me is like the wind in my sails that nourish my spirit and teach me to share and to be grateful for all God's creation. I play the Native American flute, and it is food for my spirit and for you. If you want to know anything else about me, please contact me. I have no secrets. Oh well, perhaps just a few.

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Richard A. Stevenson http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/richard-a-stevenson.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/richard-a-stevenson.html Richard A. StevensonWayne Township Trustee Rick Stevenson was elected Trustee in November of 2006 and took office in January of 2007. He is very passionate about helping those in need and considers it a privilege to be in a position to be able to help.

Trustee Stevenson was born in Fort Wayne to a family of eleven children and has lived in Fort Wayne all his life. Growing up in such a large family taught him what it is like to do without material possessions. Trustee Stevenson's background helps him understand the problems of the poor and fuels his desire to do everything he can to help clients move from assistance to independence.

Wayne Township is among the largest Townships in Indiana, with a staff of over thirty employees. Since he took office, Trustee Stevenson has made several changes at the Trustee's Office, while always keeping in mind the dual goals of the office. Those goals are being a community leader in countering the effects of poverty, while maintaining careful guardianship of the taxpayers' resources.

Among Trustee Stevenson's accomplishments at the Trustee's Office has been to reorganize the employment department, now called the "Employment Training Center," to help as many clients as possible find jobs. Trustee Stevenson's favorite saying is, "We want to give clients a hand up, not a hand out."

As part of the reorganization, Trustee Stevenson instituted a mandatory, once-a-week employment training class for Township Assistance clients who are physically able to work. The class offers practical, hands-on training in areas such as resume' writing and job interviewing.

Clients also receive job referrals every week and are required to apply for the jobs to which they are referred. Trustee Stevenson believes that finding jobs for clients is a win-win for everyone. When clients find jobs, they feel good about themselves because they no longer have to request Township Assistance and because they have become a contributing member of our community.

Trustee Stevenson is married to Carol Stevenson, and they have two adult sons and seven grandchildren. His grandchildren are the light of his life, and he loves to spend as much time as he can with his family.

A big part of Trustee Stevenson's life is his devotion to and work for his Church, Pilgrim Baptist. He is a Trustee of the Church and is Superintendent of the Sunday School. Trustee Stevenson is active in numerous community organizations, including serving on the Board of Associated Churches and Executive Board of NAACP. During the Presidential election in 2008, Trustee Stevenson organized the Grassroots Committee, a non-partisan group which registered hundreds of voters in Fort Wayne. The Trustee was employed by the City of Fort Wayne for several years before being elected Trustee.

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Mrs. Waynedale http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/mrs-waynedale.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/mrs-waynedale.html mrswaynedaleBIRTH - Mrs. 'D' as we call her here at The Waynedale News, says she was "borned" and raised, but doesn't tell us where in the United States, if in deed she was born in the United States which is not unlike the story we get from our country's present top leader. We have the feeling that she came from Canada but then with her sense of humor that couldn't possibly be and with her Deep South, Florida/Georgia/Texas accent trying to give her away now and then.

NAME - We have heard that her mother's maiden name was Butts and we assume that her middle name is her mother's maiden name as was the case for how people named some of their children back in the late 1800's, maybe a little earlier; we never know when she's pulling our leg.
Her Christian name is Bertha we assume from what she told us earlier in one of our interviews and her middle name we know is Butts but not what her maiden name was before marrying Mr. Wayne Dale (which isn't his real name either and that makes Mrs. Wayne Dale only a pen name, which leaves us back at square one.

HOW MANY BIRTHDAYS - Which brings us to her age and that we can only guess it to be between 80 years and infinity due to the way she talks and thinks. Sorry, but that's the best we can do. We understand that she does wear funny underwear or bloomers as she calls them (which that name went out in the '20's we think) but sometimes when she says she's feeling naughty she gets into her leopard skin pattern thongs. She says she wears those when she has "outdoor activities planned" and then she winked at us. She says she still isn't too old to enjoy 'fooling around" with her Tubby Hubby but does have hot flashes now and then to where they turn off the furnace in January – go figure.

DESCRIPTION – She's about 160 pounds and I would say, give or take a few inches due to her extra high spike heels, to be about 5 foot 10 inches. We know she's taller than her "tubby hubby" Wayne or whatever his name is. He's a short 5-foot 4 inches we guess. They are some couple seen together and he is truly a tubby little chap with a deadpan type sense of humor and he likes golf.

WRITING BACKGROUND - We asked her about her writing and she told us she was "borned" with a silver quill in her mouth. She said, She has ". . . penned words on parchment since the day she was "borned". I asked her about her signature opening of "Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you . . . " and she said that it was a personal tribute to the male 6th grade school teacher that got her interested in writing for the county newspaper The Exponent Sentinel Telegram back in Kansas or maybe it was Missouri; she wouldn't repeat it when we asked again after misunderstanding what she said the first time. We assume that she is educated because no one could write like she does without a thorough knowledge of the language and have a glib tongue like she possesses.

EDUCATION - She said that she had a 'sheep skin' from every one of the schools she has ever had the privilege of attending from the very first Cradle Role certificate she got from her hometown church, to the one from Palmer Institute of Authorship in California, to the last degree she earned from a small well known college in either Indiana or some other state; she couldn't remember and wouldn't elaborate.

FAMILY – We know she's been married for, as she put it, "Umpteen years," and she does have family either here or close by in another town as she talks about grand children but never says how many or how many children she and Wayne have. She sounds like a caring person when she does speak of her "Little Darlin's" but won't reveal their names because she doesn't want them to be teased at school.

CLOTHING – She admits to enjoying ". . . cavorting in the sun au nat-ur-al and she visits a nudist campground not to far from Waynedale now and then. We'll let you know more if and when we ever find out.

We do hope you enjoy reading about the adventures of Mrs. Wayne Dale and we will up date her background as she slips up and lets a cat (more information) now and then out of the bag. You have to love her, eccentric, truthful, and quaint as she is. She is a champion for Seniors.


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Kasey Butcher http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/kasey-butcher.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/kasey-butcher.html Kasey ButcherI am proud to be a Ft. Wayne native and really love the Summit City, especially the festivals and great places to eat downtown. I am also a big Tin Caps fan. I graduated from Homestead High school and then went on to Ball State University, where I earned my B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Religious Studies. Currently, I am finishing my M.A. in English Literature at Miami University, where I teach first-year writing classes. My research interests include children's literature, Victorian Gothic, and cultural studies.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, starting with poetry and stories when I was in grade school. I still love storytelling and creating characters and their communities, but I now enjoy writing essays analyzing aspects of stories that other people have written and how they relate to the broader culture. In middle school and high school, I became involved with journalism, writing news and features stories, as well as serving as the editor-in-chief for my high school magazine. I also worked as a news reporter for Newstalk 1190 WOWO during my senior year. That job gave me a much better understanding of Ft. Wayne as a city, and all that it has to offer culturally. In college I was on the editorial committee for the Honors College literary magazine, The Odyssey for two years and co-editor for one. Currently I am serving as a staff reader for Miami's literary magazine, OxMag.

While books are my biggest love, I have also been really interested in film for years. I most love old movies, romantic comedies, psychological thrillers, monster movies, and musicals. My longtime best friend, Emily, is frequently my movie buddy, whether we're enjoying a really good movie or laughing at a really awful one. I wrote movie reviews for The Waynedale News from 2003-2005 and then started up again during the summer of 2009.

When I'm not teaching, reading, writing, or watching movies, I enjoy knitting, spending time with my family, and playing with my puppy, Rory.

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Jim Schindler http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/jim-schindler.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/jim-schindler.html Jim SchindlerAt the age of three, Jim Schindler was put into St. Vincent's Villa, a Catholic orphanage. After he finished the fifth grade, he was placed in a foster home along with his brother, where they were terribly mistreated. In spite of his unhappy poverty stricken childhood, he managed to maintain an extremely positive, cheerful outlook. A graduate of John Carroll University and a successful businessman, he is the founder/CEO of Bandido's Mexican restaurants, a small Midwestern chain.

Schindler's newspaper column, "Schindler Sez, appears in several Indiana papers. In addition he is the author of two books, Schindler's Tiny Tales & Whatnot, and Schindler's Short Short Stories & Uncommon Sense (www.jamesaschindler.com). Schindler's books are an easy to read, enjoyable collection of incredibly short, true, and humorous stories, written with a bit of advice and uncommon sense thrown in for good measure. He has been a guest speaker at the University of Notre Dame and has been quoted in, Bits & Pieces, a national motivational magazine.

Furthermore, he has developed a complete set of exercises, "The Look Your Best Naturally Facial & Neck Exercise Program," (www.lookyourbestnaturally.com), which firms and tightens the muscles in the face and neck, for a more youthful appearance.

Married, with seven children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren, he now resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You may contact him at (260) 417-4247.

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The Waynedale News Staff http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8309-the-waynedale-news-staff.html http://www.thewaynedalenews.com/waynedale-news-authors/8309-the-waynedale-news-staff.html Our in-house staff members work with community members and our local writers to find, write and edit the latest and most interesting news worthy stories. Their responsibilities also include working on additional Waynedale community projects such as collecting historical information / items, events, advertising and more. This is your community newspaper, we are always looking for local stories that interest you, please send us your stories, news and tips.

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