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Rev. Thomas “Dancing Feather” EbbingI was born and raised in Ft. Wayne, and my wife Jane and I now live south of Albion, IN. I retired from the Ft. Wayne Fire Department in 1995 after 23 years of service. I am of Mohawk Indian ancestry on my mother's side. I am an ordained Christian minister, and I have been a teacher of the Native American Medicine Wheel for over 20 years. I have been writing since I was a teenager, and my first book, Rhythm of the Drum, was published some 25 years ago, followed by Melody of the Forest, Song Eternal, Symphony of Spirit, and Faith Warriors. Writing to me is like the wind in my sails that nourish my spirit and teach me to share and to be grateful for all God's creation. I play the Native American flute, and it is food for my spirit and for you. If you want to know anything else about me, please contact me. I have no secrets. Oh well, perhaps just a few.

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